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Research Project

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 Link your final paper here:


/ Jacob RantaLaurel Gibson / Steve Siegel / Cara Mia Duncan Kim Tackett / Nayef Alharbi / Faith Hurley / Shannon Szczepinski /



Welcome to these Wiki pages dedicated to our RESEARCH WORKSHOP.  For now, we will use these pages to link and download proposals and drafts. 


I've created a folder named Research Project.  Please upload your proposals and drafts to this folder.  You will need to request privileges as a WRITER to this folder allowing you to create links and to upload and download files.


Name your proposals and drafts to be easily identifiable.  For example, I might name my initial proposal Shutkin_proposal1.


Proposal Commentary:

Please use your knowledge of Educational Studies, the course assessment rubric and the proposal guidelines to guide your written commentary of your partner's proposal.  Be thoughtful, constructive, supportive and serious in all that you do!  (500 words and 8+/- blog credits)


Your responsibility is your ability to respond!




/ Jacob RantaLaurel Gibson / Steve SiegelCara Mia Duncan Kim Tackett /Nayef Alharbi Faith Hurley / Shannon Szczepinski /  


Research Articles:


 Porter, A. (1989). External standards and good teaching: the pros and cons of telling teachers what to do. Educational Evaluation and Policy Analysis, 11(4), 343-356.

Jacob and Shannon's Article


Article 2:  Friedman, I. (2000). Burnout in Teachers: Shattered Dreams of Impeccable Professional Performance. Journal of Clinical Psychology, 56(5), 595-606.


From Cara Mia - this is optional!   I just thought some people might be interested in reading this article.


Article 3:  Anfara Jr., V., & Mertens, S. (2008). Do Single-Sex Classes and Schools Make a Difference?. Middle School Journal, 40(2), 52-59 


From Laurel/Nayef


Article 4:  Hakanen, J., Bakker, A., & Schaufeli, W. (2006). Burnout and work engagement among teachers. Journal of School Psychology, 43(6), 495-513.


From Steve/Cara Mia


Article 5 (From Faith and Kim): The relationship between PE biographies and PE teaching practices of classroom teachers

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