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Page history last edited by David Shutkin 8 years, 10 months ago

April 19  Session 11

Reading (s):

Apple, M. (2006) Chapter 9, Righting wrongs and interrupting the right pp. 225- 262

Slattery, P. (2006) Chapter 9. Democracy and the Egalitarian Ideal. pp. 227-240


For this class, the class divides into two groups, an Apple group and a Slattery group. Each group is responsible for leading a thirty (30) minute discussion about their assigned chapter.  Props such as handouts or websites or videos are essential.  Some coordinating /  planning time will be available. Though it won't be enough.


Writing circles meet to present and discuss written comments on each others' proposals.  Initial plans for Session 12 discussed.


Apply this  holistic assessment rubric to your peer assessment of writing circle paper proposals. For the section on presence, please refer to the Research paper proposal for details.

Assignment due:  Writing circle written comments.


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